Rhymes and Dimes Features Wiz Khalifa on Cover

The latest edition of Rhymes and Dimes that will hit the stands later this week and its chosen The Taylor Gang chief to grace its covers. Check out Wiz striking a pose, he’s the boss man, no mistaking that. Now… if only he had some meat on those bones. :)

But he does have his priorities right; Wiz Khalifa said “I’m never going to stop making music, or doing things to make people happy. I really enjoy my job. I never want to get to a point where I can fall back and do nothing. I always want to be doing something and having my hand in something. Russell Simmons still wakes up everyday and goes to work. He started rap. So s**t, if he hasn’t stopped yet that gives me about 40-50 years to figure out what I want to do.”


Wiz Khalifa Ft. Cam’ron “The Bluff” – Official Video From ONIFC That Releases Dec. 4th

The official video of Wiz Khalifa’s track “The Bluff” is out and we can now enjoy the rapper and his pal Cam’ron telling us about their lifestyle, the money they have, and such assorted information. The blokes wear furs and are spitting bars in a laundromat.

The audio, if you remember, came out last week.  This one is an I.D. Labs-produced track and Wiz’s fans will find echoes of Kush and Orange Juice here.

The track is from Wiz’s sophomore album ONIFC which releases December 4th. Of the album, the rapper said – “You can just expect it to be more musical. All the elements that you’re used to getting from a quote-unquote ‘Wiz project,’” “You’re gonna get every last one of those elements, whereas I feel like the first album lacked some of those elements.”

Wiz Khalifa Interview: Speaks on How Drake Boofed Him and His Mom’s Turkey Spaghetti

The good folk at Hip Hop DX got Wiz Khalifa talking and talk he did. In a freewheeling interview, the artist talks of his upcoming album “Only Nigga In First Class” aka O.N.I.F.C; his favorite cartoon character Donatello of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and much more.

And like so many artists out there, Cameron J Thomaz is also keen on working with Nas. He said “I want to get in the studio with Nas,” “That would be cool. I think just lyrically that would take me to another level. I just been listening to a lot of his old CD’s. Well they’re old now, but they’re not even that old. Street’s Disciple and shit like that, that was released in like 04. But that was some really good shit and it got slept on. Musically, I feel like he’s in the zone that a lot of people don’t even really, really understand. So I wanna do some shit with Nas.”

He also came clear on how Drake missed a verse on the Work Hard Play Hard track; Wiz said “He boofed me man. He was supposed to do his verse and he ain’t do it so we had to put it out, but it ain’t no love lost. People get that done all the time in the industry, but yeah I got boofed”.


Wiz Khalifa Debuts “Rise Above” feat. Pharrell At Penn State

Wiz Khalifa initiated his 2050 Tour at the the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park at Penn State and treated his fans to a brand new song “Rise Above” that features Pharrell Williams. This treat was preceded by the artist performing his new single “Remember You”.

The number will be a part of his ONIFC album that is set for release on December 4. The Taylor Gang leader has a busy year-end what with the tour, the release of his Cabin Fever 2 mixtape, the new album, and of course his girlfriend Amber Rose’s pregnancy.

Take a look at the Pharrell-produced number and let us know how it moves you.


Wiz Khalifa’s “Cabin Fever 2″ – Cover Art and Track List

Wiz Khalifa took to twitter to announce the release date of his mixtape Cabin Fever 2. It’s a sequel to his 2011 mixtape Cabin Fever; the music drops tomorrow, October 16th at 3 p.m. EST.

The rapper also took the opportunity to reveal the cover art and tracklist of this mixtape which includes efforts by Juicy J and Problem for a number of cuts, as well as J.R. Donato, Menace, IamSu!, Chevy Woods, Lavish and French Montana. Production comes courtesy of ID Labs, The Invasion, Cozmo, Sledgren, Crazy Mike, Lewi V and Vegas Stars.

O.N.I.F.C., the rapper’s sophomore album hits the stores on December 4th. Meanwhile we have this offering from the artist from Pittsburgh. Check out the tracklist below.


Wiz Khalifa in a Hit and Run Mess

LAPD cops are investigating Wiz Khalifa’s involvement in a possible hit-and-run case. According to a complaint filed by an unnamed woman, the rapper’s car banged into her vehicle last Wednesday, that is on the 19th of this month. She claimed that the rapper then left the scene of the accident.

The lady was part of a music video shoot, the incident occurred as she and the crew were packing up for the day. Maybe the accident has something to do with the rapper learning to drive stick shift, because this is what he tweeted “I Learned How To Roller Blade In One Day. I’ll Do The Same With Driving A Sticc.”

No word as yet from Wiz’s representatives. But hey…when that happens, we’ll cover it for you.