Swizz Beatz Owes Federal Govt $2.6 Million in Taxes

What’s it with black superstars and their penchant for going bankrupt? Earlier, it used to be boxers but now the mantle for leading the pack of millionaires gone broke goes to rappers and there’s any number of them. The latest happens to be Swizz Beatz, the guy who exudes an air of calm. You’d think he’s a safe investor or something like that but turns out that Alicia Key’s husband owes the IRS and owes them big.

The heavyweight producer has federal tax liens filed against him to the tune of $2.6 million. Swizz has income tax issues going on since 2008, in 2010 he owed the IRS $98,246.18.


Swizz Beatz Drops Trailer of “Everyday Birthday”

Swizz Beatz has chosen to tantalize his fans with a 30-odd second trailer of his new video “Everyday Birthday”. The song premieres this Sunday on MTV2. Visuals for this number were filmed in Cannes over a period of three days, directorial credit going to Taj TPK. Locations include Hotel Martinez, Club Palais and Gotha Club.

This happened way back in July; Swizz has Chris Brown & Ludacris to give him company in this clip. Wondering about the title of the track; here’s what Swizz says “I was inspired to do a song that people can listen to every day and celebrate life, just have fun. When you wake up, you’re born again so every day is your birthday!!”

Swizz Beatz Presents Knicks New NBA Theme Song ‘Go New York Go’

Jay-Z and the Brooklyn Nets may have grabbed media eyeballs in the near past but Swizz Beatz pulled one back for the New York Knicks by giving fans a preview of the new New York Knicks NBA theme song “Go New York Go” at the Beacon Theater.

Swizz said in an apparent dig at the Nets’ Barclays Center – “Now, I know there’s a lot of things going on around town with a bunch of other new places, but there’s no place like the Garden,” “There’s no team like the New York Knicks…[and] this year, I sat down with the fellas, and they said it’s showtime. What time is it? It’s Knicks time…I want y’all to get used to that all year ‘cus they’re coming out harder, stronger, better, and they’re coming to rush the building.”

Check out the Swizz Beatz video

Swizz Beatz Is Now Global Ambassador For NYC HHC

Swizz Beatz has added another feather to his already much-decorated cap; he’s now the Global Ambassador for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. That’s some multitasking skill on show when you see that he’s an ace producer and Reebok’s Creative Director as well.

Joe Schick, ED HHC said “[Swizz Beatz] is committed to using his creativity, his innovation, and his international stature to help spread the HHC message on a global scale to promote better health in our city and our world,”

A special fundraising event tomorrow at the Harlem Hospital Center will usher Swizz Beatz into his new responsibilities.