Stalley To Perform in New York Fundraiser For Juvenile Delinquents

On December 6th, Stalley will be performing in New York under the aegis of theScholarich Foundation. The Maybach Music rapper is set to headline a fundraiser aimed at furthering education.

The foundation hopes to collect funds as well as study material aimed at promoting education among middle and high school students. The focus is on impressing upon young inmates in juvenile detention centers around the city the significance of education. The “Source Magazine” is one of the sponsors of the event.

Stalley will be joined by local rappers, singers, educators hoping to raise funds, at least $5K, to benefit youngsters in getting educated.


Stalley Debuts Apparel Line for the Blue Collar Folk

MMG rapper Stalley, who hails from Ohio, has introduced his Blue Collar Gang clothing line. MMG fans got their first glimpse yesterday at Sneaker Villa in Philadelphia.

This is what Stalley had to say via a release “The brand BCG represents blue collar hardworking individuals,” “People who are family-oriented with family values and self-made attitudes. I want to make a line that represents those people and that is affordable, comfortable, and stylish. Indicative of the environment in Massillon, I was raised in.”

Further events have been scheduled in Cleveland and Chicago for November 13th and November 15th. The BCG logo has been designed by BJ Betts.