Shyne Trashes Lamar’s Debut Album; Game Stands By Kendrick

Shyne and Game were involved in a war of words that threatened to take on bigger proportions – of a turf war; you know east coast vs west coast. The reason for the verbal missiles that the two gents aimed at each other via twitter was that Shyne didn’t think that Kendrick Lamar’s debut album “Good Kid, Maad City” was that good, in fact he called it trash. And that started it.

Imagine, two guys slugging it out on a virtual ring without any real stake in the issue, I mean, I may be wrong but that’s my understanding. Lamar who had the choice to stand up for himself choose to sit the storm out. Hmmm.

The last word went to Nipsey Hussle, another west coast rapper who tweeted – “If Shyne ever make it bac to the states…somebody tell cuz his west coast pass is revoked,”


Shyne Trains Guns on Drake, Calls Him Actor From Canada

Shyne seems to be on the warpath; after letting his feelings on Rick Ross and 50 Cent be known, he has now trained his guns on Drake. In what is tantamount to a serious diss, Shyne Po has said that “These dudes couldn’t exist in the Raekwon, Ghostface era,”  “If Big and ‘em was around and ‘Pac, c’mon man, they’d have these dudes for lunch.”

Shyne insinuated that Drake did not have a style of his own and acted out what he had picked up by observing Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

Apparently, Shyne feels this way because of the direction that rap music is taking in his opinion. He yearns for the days of hardened rap when there was accountability for what you said and you said what you lived. Shyne said that “I would really prefer Drake to sing about girls and sing about being a good kid from Canada and whatever that entails.”



Video: Shyne Accuses Rick Ross of Lifting His Ideas and His Style

Shyne, born Jamal Michael Barrow and name legally changed to Moses Michael Levi, has let loose a torrent of some pretty hard talk against Rick Ross. Why? Because he feels that Rick’s album Black Bar Mitzvah is inspired by his attitude and work with Judaism.

Shyne, if you didn’t get it from his changed name, is a convert to Judaism. He further goes on to say that Diddy actually told him about how Rick Ross has lifted his “Shyne’s” entire style.

“Black Bar Mitzvah was just basically another example of his pathetic behavior. He sound like me, Diddy told me that he took my whole style,” Po actually said that he’s got connections awesome enough to take out his adversaries but he won’t do that coz’ he’s reformed. For those not in the know, Shyne’s father is the current Prime Minister of Belize.

Po also touched upon how going to jail for a decade robbed him of his singing voice.