JoJo Capone Refuses to Mediate Between GDs and Rick Ross

The Rick Ross vs Gangster Disciples beef gets a new twist, a minor one on the face of it but one with big implications for RoZay. JoJo Capone, big boss at Global Gangsters, was tipped to step in and put in a word on behalf of the MMG artsit with the Disciples, but he has flat out refused. Is he scared? Maybe not, because he had pitched in earlier for his fellow musician. But not this time.

Take a look at the video to get a clearer picture. The gist of the matter is that according to JoJo “He put himself in that line of fire and he’s got to get himself out of it – if he can,”.

Not looking good for the ex-cop.

Is RoZay’s Beef With Gangster Disciples a “Made for Media” Sham

Look’s like the Rick Ross and Gangster Disciples fracas is all set to fizzle out with news now trickling out that the whole thing was make believe. Now who would’ve believed that? If you ask me, many will buy this. I mean, the world has better things to do and when you dig down, you find most things being driven by money.

I mean, RoZay has his assets, he flaunts those, Rihanna has hers and she flaunts what she’s got. Tch…where’s reality in this world. The last good bust-up was the one Gunplay had with Fif and his team at the BET Awards. :)

The whole thing, apparently, was hyped to digress from poor ticket sales for RoZay’s concerts.

Sources out of North Carolina claim there were only 1200 tickets sold for the Greensboro and Charlotte North Carolina dates combined, so the promoter hyped up that three month old Gangster Disciples video so he could pull the plug on the tour and file an insurance claim!


Rick Ross To Continue as Ambassador For CIROC Vodka

This is the kind of news that should raise Rick Ross’s spirits after the North Carolina tour-cancelling fiasco. Rozay is all set to continue his business association with Diddy’s premium CIROC vodka and will continue to promote “responsible celebration” on various social media channels and through events.

With a Grammy nomination and this deal, 2013 sure starts on a bright note for the recording artist. CIROC vodka is produced by DIAGEO, an international liquor giant and has Combs Enterprises doing the brand management. Do you guys know that this is really pure and strong vodka, it gets distilled five times and we’re talking about premium quality grapes imported from France, not potatoes or rye.


Rick Ross Says It Wasn’t Gang Threat That Got MMG NC Tour Cancelled

Looks like Rick Ross is out to do some damage control, after the North Carolina tour got cancelled, Rozay’s image took a bit of a beating. I mean, you spend years cultivating a persona [I say persona, because otherwise he’d still be a cop] and then something happens and the media goes to town trying to tear you down.

So in this case we have Rozay ostensibly falling foul of the Gangster Disciples and then cancelling a tour of NC because he was scared. But if you believe the rapper, then that’s not how it is.

In an interview with Jamz 99, Ross said  “Once they began to unravel I just shut it down. Never was it due to any threats.”   “I’m a certified man, I am a real boss. This is something everybody need to understand.  Gangstas move in silence.”  “I’m certified world wide.  I could put 1000 gangstas in any hood.”  “Sean G wasn’t handling his business.”


Gangster Disciples Scare Rick Ross Off North Carolina

Rick Ross must be regretting his decision on using the Star of David on the artwork for his album – The Black Bar Mitzvah. And when that happened, he managed to seriously rub the wrong way a gang called Gangster Disciples who were moved enough to actually put up a video on YouTube letting Rozay know that they are none too pleased with his actions.

Rick was supposed to perform in North Carolina but apparently the shows were canceled because of the threat of gang violence.

He tweeted “North Carolina, I wuz so excited to perform tomorro wit #MMG” Ross said on Twitter. “Promoters cancelled show but I’ll be Back ASAP. #luv”

The show was supposed to feature Wale and Meek Mill too; wonder what they have to say about it.


Rick Ross Angers Black Masons and Gangster Disciples

What has Rick Ross done to get in the bad books of two of the most powerful societies out there? Black Masons, yup…black Freemasons, they have their own society and then the Gangster Disciples. So Ross the Boss has brains on one side coming for him and brawn on the other.

In fact, it appears that there has been some friction between the Black Masons and the Gangster Disciples over Rick Ross; it actually forced the masons to come out of their secrecy and clear that Ross is not a member of their organization nor does he belong to the Illuminati.

What has actually gotten the GD’s collective goat is that Ross claimed to be Larry Hoover, one of the founders of the gang and then went and put his face on one of the gang’s symbols – a six-pointed star – for one of his mixtapes. The gang has responded by creating this video for him.



Saigon Might Just Punch Rick Ross and 2 Chainz

Saigon wants to punch anybody who’s putting out music that is detrimental to kids and he specifically named
2 Chainz and Rick Ross, stating as much in an interview with The Breakfast Club. The rapper is known for his command over lyrics and is also a father to a precocious kid; and we all know how impressionable kids are. How much of a deterrent can a parental advisory be? And truth be told, there are surely millions of parents who’d desperately want to keep their kids away from the profanity in today’s music.

I perfectly feel where Saigon is coming from. And he has shown guts. He said “I love hip hop, I grew up on hip hop,” “Even when LL Cool J came out, he wasn’t talking about killing n—as and f—in’ b–ches, he was talking about ‘I Need Love’ and wanting a relationship”

50 Cent Pokes Fun at Rick Ross on Twitter

Barely a few days after a twitter spat with Floyd Mayweather, fif has moved on to another quarry and this time it is Rick Ross. Florida is Rozay’s home state and the artist headlined this year’s Homecoming concert at Florida A&M.

Pics showing poor attendance prompted a slew of tweets from fif that alternated between poking fun and offering (faux) sympathy for Rick Ross.

“When was this?RT @Nai_soFierce: Cc:@50Cent RT @Nai_soFierce: Rick Ross concert -,” Fif tweeted November 11th.

“That not his fault bad promotions,of the show or maybe ,is it over ? DAMN!!! Hold up I think I see puffy in the crowed. SMSAUDIO”

“In miami RT @Ac11204: @50cent it’s was tonite miami fl ,no one showed , how he think he going to be like my boy 50 lololololol”

“thats FAMU boy oh boy fat man no love at HOME?SMSaudio”

“My man from chicago just told me the GD’s on da boy. Man forget the show,that’s not the PROBLEM. SMSaudio”

“I just saw that video. I think they just squeezing him,he might be alright. Just gotta spit a hot 16 for em. LMAO #SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Rick Ross on his part made it a point to thank his fans for attending the show.

Video: Shyne Accuses Rick Ross of Lifting His Ideas and His Style

Shyne, born Jamal Michael Barrow and name legally changed to Moses Michael Levi, has let loose a torrent of some pretty hard talk against Rick Ross. Why? Because he feels that Rick’s album Black Bar Mitzvah is inspired by his attitude and work with Judaism.

Shyne, if you didn’t get it from his changed name, is a convert to Judaism. He further goes on to say that Diddy actually told him about how Rick Ross has lifted his “Shyne’s” entire style.

“Black Bar Mitzvah was just basically another example of his pathetic behavior. He sound like me, Diddy told me that he took my whole style,” Po actually said that he’s got connections awesome enough to take out his adversaries but he won’t do that coz’ he’s reformed. For those not in the know, Shyne’s father is the current Prime Minister of Belize.

Po also touched upon how going to jail for a decade robbed him of his singing voice.


French Montana Offers His 2 Cents on 50 Cents and His Beefs

Rapper French Montana recently gave insight on what he thinks has hurt 50 Cents’ career the most and according to the “Stay Schemin” rapper it is the various beefs and feuds that fif has carried out with fellow rappers.

French said that this aspect of his personality has helped other groups and labels get ahead of fif; he gave the example of Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group.

At the same time, he was at pains to point out that the incidents between Pusha T and Lil Wayne were more like tiffs and less like a beef.

“For some people it’s competition for them. It’s good for hip-hop…Yeah. Pusha T and Lil Wayne’s [beef] ain’t nothing serious,” “If Wayne feels like [it’s real beef] then you know Baby would have got involved. Things like that, it’s good for hip-hop. If nobody got shot, it ain’t beef.”


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