Wu-Tang Rappers Remember Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Ghost Face Killah and Raekwon speak on how even after eight years the death of their mate Ol’ Dirty Bastard is still an unfilled hole in their lives.

on November 13th, 2004, Dirt died from a heart attack brought about by an overdose of cocaine and prescription medicine tramadol.

Raekwon and Ghostface, both had a different take on how they’d be remembering their pal.

Raekwon said “Today I just want to have a day of prayer to let my brother know I am thinking about him,” “This still hits me real hard.” “I will mourn over him today and  think about how much he taught me.”

Ghostface felt differently –  “I never dwell on the day we lost him, I just celebrate the times I had with him.”

“I pray and thank God on this day because he is my angel … I spent the day just sitting quietly and praying. Dirt wouldnt want us mourning so I don’t.”