King Louie Drops New Mixtape – Drilluminati

King Louie has come out with what one can call an album before an album; this is actually a mixtape titled Drilluminati and precedes the release of King Lou’s Epic/Lawless Inc. debut album.

Check out the tracklist, some cool folk have handled production values here –

01. King Louie – Rozay Flow [Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League] (1:45)
02. King Louie – Band Nation [Prod. By Nez & Rio] (3:15)
03. King Louie – Rated R [Prod. By Shawty Redd] (2:45)
04. King Louie – 2 Pair [Prod. By Sonnie Digital] (3:08)
05. King Louie – Dope Smoke [Prod. By Soundz] (3:25)
06. King Louie – My Niggaz [Prod. By Hearon Trackz] (2:42)
07. King Louie – My Hoes They Do Drugs (Feat. Juicy J & Pusha T) [Prod. By Dj Pain One] (4:40)
08. King Louie – Living Life [Prod. By Soundz] (2:58)
09. King Louie – Bandz Up (Feat. Leek) [Prod. By Cryptonite] (5:26)
10. King Louie – Val Venis [Prod. By C-Sick] (3:02)
11. King Louie – ESPN [Prod. By Soundz] (2:41)
12. King Louie – Feeling Like A Billion Bucks [Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League] (4:05)
13. King Louie – Broke [Prod. By Young Chop] (3:40)
14. King Louie – More Bandz [Prod. By Domeno Beatz] (4:21)


Maino’s “Mafia” Mixtape Available for Download – Rapper Advises to Check It Out

Maino’s new The Mafia compilation album is out and the rapper from Brooklyn teams up with his mafia colleagues to elaborate on the album’s salient features.

Lucky Don opines that their latest offering is real and not bubblegum stuff as Twigg Martin chooses to put it while echoing Don’s sentiments.

And Maino said It’s quality music. It’s something that’s missing in the game. There’s a void and this is something new, something fresh. It’s from New York, it’s from Brooklyn. We’re about that business. It’s about everything, everyday. It’s great music at the end of the day. N*ggas can come with all the sh*t they want to come with, n*ggas can put on all the chains that they want and do what they want to do, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the music. A lot of n*ggas are getting by because of who they’re standing next to and not because the sh*t is quality. This is quality music.


Sullee J’s “Voice of the People”

Opening with Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in The Great Dictator,  “Voice of the People” is a moving visual for a thought provoking track. The song “Speaks on the various issues of society today and was made to help enlighten the ears of the listener. The sad reality is that many people, especially children today are without healthy living conditions. These are tough conditions that people tend to ignore,” said Sullee J.

Director: Rick Wayne from Underscore_Films

This is the definition of what I do. This is the epitome of who I am. This is Sullee J, and what Justice means. “Voice of The People” speaks on the various issues of society today, and was made to help enlighten the ears of the listener. The sad reality is that many people, especially children today, are without healthy living conditions. These are tough issues that society seems to ignore. At times, we might not feel like we have much, but we have enough to get by. Everybody needs help, especially the helpless! The idea behind Saint Christopher Children’s Home is to assist in the provision of a building to house neglected children. These children are mainly abuse victims, neglected or abandoned children, orphans, or those placed there by court order. I told you I will better this world, whether you believe it or not. I will continue to pursue my dreams and work hard toward generating an interest in doing good whether you agree or not. I believe in living to make others smile.

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