Meek Mill Gives it Back to Cassidy After “RAID” Diss

Cassidy may have had his few moments under the sun after the Meek Mill diss and he also has a few things planned for this year. He’s now gone on air and is stating that he does not have anything personal against Meek Mill. Check video for the interview.

But Meek Mill’s probably not having any of it and has gone on an all out twitter offensive against Cassidy. Here’s what he tweeted.

“10mins of fiction ….. And a old a** flow that nobody will never play in a car! #yadone atleast ya got back on da radio #saythanks”

“In about 50days everyone will forget about ya again …. And we still gone b balling! #rememberthistweet lol”

“Made n*ggas sit up 2 12:00am for that bullsh*t…. People gotta go 2 work and church tomar!”

“Y’all serious? Or y’all just want a n*gga 2 drop some new sh*t?,” Meek tweeted January 6th.

“This how u can tell weirdos making a big impact in the world right now!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)



Judge Prohibits Meek Mill From Leaving Philadelphia For The Rest Of December

Municipal Court Judge Genece Brinkle has ruled that rapper Meek Mill cannot leave Philadelphia for the next month. The MMG rapper is on probation for a 2008 gun/drug conviction and this grounding is surely going to hurt him. Why? Because he had a tour of Africa planned wherein the artist would have performed in Lagos, Nigeria and Libreville, Gabon.

Meek was also set to appear on the Conan O’Brien show tomorrow but that won’t be happening either. There was moolah to be made and Meek is now going to have watch it slip by; he made sure that the world hears about it and told NBC 10 that the judge’s ruling will severely impact his earnings for the rest of the year, which he needed to support his child, family and an entourage of “dozens.”


“Condom Style” Worst Song In The History Of Rapping Says Meek Mill

Looks like there’s little love lost between Meek Mill and Cassidy ever since Meek evinced an interest in going back to rap battles and had apparently zoomed in on Cassidy for it. Now, he’s gone on and poked some fun at the rapper for his recent track “Condom Style”.

This is what the MMG artist said on Instagram “Go 2 this is the worst song in the history of rapping….this gotta b a joke! Google #condomstyle,”

Needless to say, the posting has gathered comments like flies to sweets and quite a few in favor of Cass. My take? This ain’t no beef at all, this is just two brothas taking the mickey out of each other.


Video: Meek Mills Freestyles on Tour Bus

Here’s probably the coolest video of the day, Meek Mills just decides to freestyle for the phone camera while on the tour bus; the MMG artist is currently on a cross-country tour. And the cool thing is that the rapper has world champion boxer Adrien Broner joining him for this impromptu cypher session.

Adrien, if you remember, had Kendrick Lamar escorting him to the ring spitting out Backstreet Freestyle only a week back for Adrien’s fight with Antonio DeMarco.

Take a  look at the chaps spitting bars, what do you think of this freestyle session? For all we know this could end up a classic tape a decade from now, but you remember where you saw it first.


Video: Tone Trump Gives His Take on Meek Mill and Cassidy Beef

Much has been written on Philly rapper Meek Mill’s burning desire to get battle rapping again and then there was his $100K challenge that was taken up by Cassidy. It later ranspired that Meek Mill was not keen participating in a rap battle himself but would pay that much to watch Murda Mook and Cassidy do battle. And the issue soon acquired the status of a beef, a Philly beef no less.

So, when All Hip Hop got a chance to sit with Philly native Tone Trump to get some local perspective on the issue, this is what he had to say – “Ni**as love negativy. If Meek Mill and Cassidy was on Twitter shouting each other out and showing each other love, nobody would say nothing about it,” “Because their having a disagreement, people try to instigate it and pipe it up. I’m not taking no part of it, I got respect for both of them. For what they are doing and did for the city and opening up lanes an creating opportunities for ni**as like me to get money.”


Meek Mill Performs “Young and Gettin It” on Jimmy Fallon


Meek Mill is working hard on promoting his upcoming album “Dreams & Nightmares” and in furthering this effort he appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show; in fact, this was a late night television debut for the Philadelphia rapper.

Meek Mill who belongs to the MMG camp had Kirko Bangz for company on the vocals as the two spat lyrics from “Young and Gettin It” and backed on instruments by the ever reliable Roots Crew. the album is out now; take a look at the video and tell us how the dudes jamming together shape up for your listening pleasure.

The album is his debut effort and the battle-hardened rapper hasn’t done too bad at it.


Meek Mill Sets Terms for $100K Battle Rap

Has Meek Mill bitten off more than he can chew? Throwing a $100K rap battle challenge and then saying he won’t battle this guy or that guy, etc etc.

This is what the rapper tweeted a couple of days back “I’m not battling none of these n*ggas thats not popping! I’m popping some of these n*ggas gotta pay me 2 do dat!,”

But he did mention that he would be game to take on Murda Mook or Cassidy for $100K. And Cassidy has responded, he told Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 radio station that he would battle Meek for the right amount of “chicken”, as in money.


Meek Mill Gets Nostalgic About Battle Rapping

Last month Meek Mill posted on twitter his eagerness to go one-on-one with battle-hardened MCs and do some hardcore battle rapping. The rapper is obviously missing those days back when he was a stud on the circuit; he claims a 100-1 record from the time since he started battling at the age of 14.

Check out this video in which the artist fresh off the release of his debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” sits with XXL’s Editor at Large Shaheem Reid to talk about the album. Here too Meek brings up the subject of battle rapping and his desire to step back into the ring and slug it out lyrically.

Video: Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares Listening Session

Meek Mill has just concluded a preview of his debut album for MMG and from the sights and sounds of it, this rapper from the MMG stable is one for the long run; not for him the shenanigans that so many of the hip hop community indulge in to stay in the limelight; he chooses to spit out his experiences, what he’s lived and been through and that is what Dreams and Nightmares promises to cover.

The album features Rick Ross, Trey, Wale, Nas and others. It’s neatly spread out to cover both aspects that make up the title. A lot of reflective tracks and some to get clubbers going. If you like good aggressive music that’s true and value lyrics drawn from life then this album is for you.


Meek Mill’s “DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES” Releases October 30th

Come October 30th and Meek Mill’s debut album Dreams And Nightmares will be go up on sale; it has created a fair amount of buzz, being as it is destined to be…the debut album of a talented rapper from the MMG stable. Given below are the songs that have made the cut to be a part of the album’s delux edition.

1 Dreams And Nightmares
(produced by Tone the Best Bully for Nightrydas Productions)
2 In God We Trust
(produced by Black Metaphor for Nightrydas Productions)
3 Young & Gettin’ It featuring Kirko Bangz
(produced by Jahlil Beats)
4 Traumatized
(produced by Boi-1da)
5 Believe It featuring Rick Ross
(produced by Young Shun for Maybach Music Productions)
6 Maybach Curtains featuring Nas, John Legend & Rick Ross
(produced by Infamous & The Agency)
7 Amen featuring Drake
(produced by Key Wane and Jahlil Beats)
8 Young Kings
(produced by Lee Major)
9 Lay Up featuring Wale, Rick Ross & Trey Songz
(produced by Kane Beatz and Co-Produced by Ashanti “The Mad Violinist” Floyd for The Building Productions, Inc.)
10 Tony Story Pt. 2
(produced by Boi-1da)
11 Who Your Around featuring Mary J. Blige
(produced by Tommy “TBHITS” Brown and Travis Sayles for
12 Polo & Shell Tops
(produced by Cardiak)
13 Rich & Famous featuring Louie V
(produced by Jahlil Beats)
14 Real N***** Come First
(produced by Kenoe and Got Koke for Nightrydas Productions)
Bonus Tracks
15 Burn featuring Big Sean
16 Freak Show featuring Sam Sneak and 2 Chainz