LL Cool J reveals “Authentic Hip-Hop” Tracklist & Cover Art

LL Cool J took to Myspace, yes, decidedly old fashioned :), to announce the release date of his 13th studio album – it is on February 12, 2013. No word on the label as yet. But we do know what the cover art looks like and what the tracklist is about.

Check out video of the artist’s interview with Craig Ferguson.

1. Something About U (FTW)
2. Where Ya At (BOSS)
3. Take It (feat. Joe)
4. Closer (feat. Monica)
5. Too Late
6. New Love
7. Dream With Me
8. Girl So Bad
9. Ratchet
10. Bartender Please
11. Bath Salt
12. Getting Paper
13. Jump On It
14. Hell Yeah
15. Whaddup



“Take It” From LL Cool J

LL Cool J, yup, the rapper with a physique so impressive that it prompts online searches for hi exercise schedule, has dropped a track from his upcoming album Authentic Hip Hop. This is his 13th studio album. The track “Ratchet” from the same album is already out. This latest one is “Take it”

The rapper will also be seen co-hosting the Grammy nominations television special with singer Taylor Swift.

We have for you a video of the audio, get it? No, then check it out and tell us if Ladies Love Cool James is cooking something special for his fans with this indie rap album.

The lyrics go “Lookin’ at my rolly it’s about that time / for me to paint pictures on the walls in your mind.” and there’s the unmistakable R&B influence that characterizes Joe’s music.