Kurupt on Life After Natina, His New Mixtape and Other Things


Money B*tches Power, that’ the name of Kurupt’s new mixtape that he’s recorded with old compatriots Nottz, Battlecat and J. Wells. He let this be known in an interesting chat that he had with the folks at All Hip Hop. The veteran lyricist, with two decades of rapping behind him feels that this mixtape is going to be several levels hotter than his last album – Streetlights.

He is particularly eloquent on speaking about his buddy Nate Dogg and recently deceased mother of his child, the beautiful Natina Reed.

Do read the complete interview, this guy is a survivor and along the way he has acquired a way with words, he can really make himself understood.


Kurupt Opens Up After Natina Reed’s Death

Although Kurupt and Natina Reed, the mother of his child were no longer together, the artist evidently feels pain of no longer having the lady in his life.

Natina lost her life over the weekend after being hit by a car in Atlanta. Natina was 32 years of age and died just one day short of her 33rd birthday. She was mother to 10 year old Tren Brown. Ironically, Natina’s mentor Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes also lost her life in a car accident.

In his first public response to the tragedy, Kurupt said “Myself and Tren, Natina’s son, would like to thank everyone for their love and support during this tragic time,” “This is a tremendous loss to our family. Natina was a great person and I wish everyone had the opportunity to meet her and know her as I did.”


Finally Revealed!! The Real Reason Behind Snoop Dogg’s Name Change

According to MC Kurupt, a trip to Jamaica has everything to do with Snoop’s change of name from Dogg to Lion, it’s an upliftment, an elevation and the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg is taking his fans on that ride with him.

Says Kurupt –

“It’s all Snoop,”  “We’re men first and Snoop elevates, and every time he elevates, he gives us an opportunity to be a part of that elevation through his music.” “He had a very spiritual [and] uplifting [experience] when he went to Jamaica, and he’s expressing it through his music, and you’ve gotta support that,” “I love Snoop and where he is right now. I think that he’s a lot more calm about himself and things that he does, but it’s all still Snoop.” 

On the music front, Kurupt is preparing for a November 7 release of his mixtape Money, Bitches, Power.  We all look forward to his new work and also to a lot more classics from the “Gin and Juice” artist who’s now a bonafide reggae rapper with cool dreadlocks.