Kendrick Lamar Performs at Adrien Broner’s Ring Entrance for DeMarco Fight

On Saturday, November 17th Kendrick Lamar got into the ring with Adrien Broner, current WBC lightweight champion of the world…no, not to do a 50 Cent, he doesn’t look like he has the body for it. It was basically to escort “The Problem”, make his entry grand. And he did so with a rousing performance of “Backseat Freestlye”.

After that it was a Broner show all the way as he stopped former champion Antonio DeMarco in eight rounds with a combination of powerful precision punches and deadly strong uppercuts. A left uppercut ended DeMarco’s misery as he went down on the canvas for the first time in his career and the ref stepped in to stop the fight.


Kendrick Lamar Says Youngsters MUST Vote

Not long back, Kendrick Lamar had publicly stated that he does not vote and won’t be voting for Obama, butin a recent interview with MTV, the Good kid, m.A.A.d. city rapper has stated that he wants young Americans to go out and exercise their franchise.

From this “You talk with me, you talk with me for hours because everything has a contradiction, everything is higher ranking and way beyond us, way beyond people. So basically, do what you do, do good with your people and live your life because what’s going on isn’t really in our hands.”

He’s gone to this “I think that’s one of our biggest failures as a community, as a generation; not wanting to go out and do for ourselves and to sit back and wait.” “And then when it doesn’t happen, we point the finger. I think we just really need to take matters into our own hands; uplift our community, put money back in our community, and show these kids how there’s something different,”.

is that a change of thought or just that he’s wised up to the fact that being a role model, he has to say and do the right things. That’s some jump in the thought process. What gives?


Shyne Trashes Lamar’s Debut Album; Game Stands By Kendrick

Shyne and Game were involved in a war of words that threatened to take on bigger proportions – of a turf war; you know east coast vs west coast. The reason for the verbal missiles that the two gents aimed at each other via twitter was that Shyne didn’t think that Kendrick Lamar’s debut album “Good Kid, Maad City” was that good, in fact he called it trash. And that started it.

Imagine, two guys slugging it out on a virtual ring without any real stake in the issue, I mean, I may be wrong but that’s my understanding. Lamar who had the choice to stand up for himself choose to sit the storm out. Hmmm.

The last word went to Nipsey Hussle, another west coast rapper who tweeted – “If Shyne ever make it bac to the states…somebody tell cuz his west coast pass is revoked,”


Kendrick Lamar Reveals that Dr Dre’s “Detox” Delayed Because of His Album

Here we present Kendrick Lamar chatting up with folks running the Dutch hip hop blog Puna and during the conversation the artist throws up interesting tidbits of information.

Dr Dre’s album “Detox” seems to be long overdue and here Lamar reveals that Dre’s album was pushed behind because of his debut album Good Kid, M.a.a.d City.

Kendrick went on pay handsome tribute to the yet-to-be-released album and said that was insane. “Dre really found an interest in my music. He really wanted me to go forward and push that immediately. And that’s a great thing. I’ve heard the records on Detox, it’s insane. Just the opportunity to be on that is a privilege… an honor.”


Kendrick Lamar at the Breakfast Club

Kendrick Lamar is doing what artists do when an album release is nigh; drum up interest and to this end he turned up at the the Breakfast Club and discussed “good kid, m.A.A.d city,” Dr. Dre’s “Detox,” Lady Gaga and other things. The aforementioned album is going to be his debut album.

Lamar gave an interesting take on his musical inspirations, he said “My influence was the West Coast for a long time,” “I had to double back as I got old enough to understand why Biggie is one of the greatest..So when I went in this album I just gathered that information from them forefathers and put it all in one boat. And make sure I display versatility, flow, aggression, everything that I learned from them cats.”


Kendrick Lamar Raps “Swimming Pools” on Jimmy Fallon

Kendrick Lamar made his late night TV debut last night on the Jimmy Fallon show on NBC. The MC from LA performed the lead single from his debut album Good Kid, Mad City which drops October 22nd via Top Dawg/Interscope. The single, Swimming Pools, is already available for download.

Lamar had “The Roots” backing him during his performance. And ?uestlove’s devilish harmonies perked up the October audience during his performance of this T-Minus-produced lead single. Check out the single’s video and we say hello to yet another hiphop artist taking a bow on network television.