Comedian Katt Williams’ Performance at Oakland Concert a Poor Joke

Katt William’s seems to have made  a habit of landing himself in a soup; this time round he has been hit with a class action lawsuit for what can politely be described as a very lame performance. The lawsuit was filed on the day before Thanksgiving at Alameda County, CA.

The artist had a meltdown on stage, he was expected to be funny out there. Fans had paid up to $94 to see him do his thing, instead all he said up there could be best described as incoherent babble and that was not funny. And then he got heckled, he challenged the heckler, tried to get physical with members of the audience, and had to be dragged away by bodyguards – his own. His “performance” lasted a whole ten minutes and he’ now facing the ire of his fans over it.