Jay Z and Kanye West’s Tracks Hitting Platinum and Gold

Hov and Yeezy would have scarce expected their collaborative music to scale such heights when they released Watch the Throne a little more than one year ago.

“Niggas in Paris” has now sold more than 3 million digital copies and is now certified triple platinum; another one, the first track in the album “No Church In The Wild” has hit gold with more than 100 K copies sold. This particular song featuring Frank Ocean has already been used for a number of commercials. Must say, the old warhorses still have it in them. And they prove it every time they come out and perform these two numbers on their stage shows.


Kanye West Once Taught Game a Lesson in a Rap Battle

It’s kinda funny how young rappers not yet past thirty reminiscence about events; I mean how far back in time do you have to go, huh? Anyway, this thought apart, Game has revealed some interesting bit of information on a rap battle he once had with Kanye West.

The kind of information, you’d expect to surface when an artist has a release coming up and is doing the rounds of radio stations giving interviews and drumming up interest :)

This is how Game remembered it –

“Ye rapped first, and he spit and it was that old College Dropout Kanye, and he got off and he really did his thing.”

“I gave him probably about 40 bars, just rapping fire, and then he came and he spit like 40 bars. I took it up, and I ended up rapping for like three or four minutes…I felt like I won, and then Kanye, just out of nowhere, started going in about how I thought I was the ‘savior and watch my behavior’ – he just really started going in, and the chicks started being like, ‘Oooh, aah,’ and once the chicks start chiming in, it’s pretty much over.”


Trouble Brewing For Cee Lo, Beyonce, Kanye, Jay-Z?


Looks like the year end is bringing in bothers for a clutch of big names from the hip hop industry. Cee Lo is one of them, as it so often happens, once you get hit with one lawsuit of a kind, others start tumbling out and pretty soon all the skeletons in your cupboard are waltzing outside.

And is Beyonce suffering from post-partum stress or what? Is it normal to place your name in the lyrics of a song on break-up and then post it on your Facebook page, like Beyonce did with Lauryn Hill’s number Ex-Factor. I mean the Jay-Bee relationship is looked up to; they are the couple that folks want to be like, rich and together. So whatever it is, one hopes that fairer winds will soon blow their way.

Kanye, perhaps, has the easiest load to bear. His girlfriend Kim caught a peck on her cheek but it was from a kid. So, no real issues there.

SOHH has the incidents covered in detail.

Rick Slick raps for y’all

Cee Lo’s been laid low; allegations a comin his way, is he goin down n stew or does he come up sayin F#$% You.

Jay-Z got the game and the name and a babe called Beyonce. Let da couple feel love, not difficult, not Greek not Francais.

Kanye got Kim, no worries for him, mutual sex tapes aside, their love ain’t gettin slim. Amen!