Big Daddy Kane’s So Chuffed With Jay-Z’s Success


Big Daddy Kane spoke in glowing terms about his protege Jay-Z. Jay, before he became a rap mogul, was a part of Kane’s group performing at his shows.

This is what he said when Complex caught up with him – “I’m happy for him. I’ve always thought that dude was a good rapper and always wanted to see him achieve the best and he has,”  “[Nets in Brooklyn?] That’s beautiful. I love when big things happen for Brooklyn. I used to love the Nets back when Jayson Williams was playing for them. I hope they get it together and are able to contend for a championship. Even if they don’t win, I’d love to see them in the playoffs and the Finals.”


Jay Z and Kanye West’s Tracks Hitting Platinum and Gold

Hov and Yeezy would have scarce expected their collaborative music to scale such heights when they released Watch the Throne a little more than one year ago.

“Niggas in Paris” has now sold more than 3 million digital copies and is now certified triple platinum; another one, the first track in the album “No Church In The Wild” has hit gold with more than 100 K copies sold. This particular song featuring Frank Ocean has already been used for a number of commercials. Must say, the old warhorses still have it in them. And they prove it every time they come out and perform these two numbers on their stage shows.


Now Why Does Nets.Com Redirect to JayZOnline.Com?

Holy sneaky redirects, Batman! Why does redirect to I mean what’s in it for anybody? But then again, am just a poor blogger, and who knows what currents and counter-currents lurk under the placid waters of seemingly sweet business partnerships?

Is someone trying to make things uncomfortable for Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov? And what’s Jay Z’s take on the whole thing? That’s the most important part of it all for me. I mean, if he wants he can surely get an injunction of some sort to stop this redirect business, can he not?

Try typing it out for yourself, and see!


Jay-Z to Perform at Barclay’s Center on 31st December

Jay-Z will spend New Year’s Eve performing for his fans at the Barclay’s Center in New York. The big pull for this event, apart from the superstar rapper is the British alternative rock band Coldplay. These guys haven’t performed in New York City since September 2005.

Interestingly the two parties, Jay-Z and Coldplay had earlier rung in the New Year at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas in 2010. If you’re interested in catching Jay n Coldplay in action on 31st evening, then brace yourself for the ticket rush, tickets available from November 17th at

Oh! and did we mention that the Rolling Stones too perform there? But only a couple of days earlier, on December 8th.

Trouble Brewing For Cee Lo, Beyonce, Kanye, Jay-Z?


Looks like the year end is bringing in bothers for a clutch of big names from the hip hop industry. Cee Lo is one of them, as it so often happens, once you get hit with one lawsuit of a kind, others start tumbling out and pretty soon all the skeletons in your cupboard are waltzing outside.

And is Beyonce suffering from post-partum stress or what? Is it normal to place your name in the lyrics of a song on break-up and then post it on your Facebook page, like Beyonce did with Lauryn Hill’s number Ex-Factor. I mean the Jay-Bee relationship is looked up to; they are the couple that folks want to be like, rich and together. So whatever it is, one hopes that fairer winds will soon blow their way.

Kanye, perhaps, has the easiest load to bear. His girlfriend Kim caught a peck on her cheek but it was from a kid. So, no real issues there.

SOHH has the incidents covered in detail.

Rick Slick raps for y’all

Cee Lo’s been laid low; allegations a comin his way, is he goin down n stew or does he come up sayin F#$% You.

Jay-Z got the game and the name and a babe called Beyonce. Let da couple feel love, not difficult, not Greek not Francais.

Kanye got Kim, no worries for him, mutual sex tapes aside, their love ain’t gettin slim. Amen!


Roc-a-Fella Co-Founder Dame Dash On Relationship with Jay-Z

Dame Dash was rich once but has declared himself broke since last year; the founder of one of hip-hop’s top label who split with Jay-Z is now trying to rebuild bridges with his business partner, at least that is what his recent interview suggests. Does this have anything to do with their contrasting financial statuses?

In a recent interview, this is what he said “Look at Jay-Z…look at Kanye – every success they’ve had I’m proud of,” he said. “Every time I see them on television, I know what I did. In life, there’s tragedies – everyone has them, so even through the tragedies, I was able to deal with [them] in a way that other people usually can’t…I have nothing but positive things to say about [Jay-Z].”

Here’s the link to the interview –

Jay-Z To Perform At Obama Rally in Ohio on November 5th

Jay-Z is set to rub shoulders with Obama once again in the cause of the latter’s campaign. This time, the rapper and entrepreneur will perform at Obama’s rally in Ohio on the 5th of this month, i.e. one day before the country goes to polls.

It’s a swing state and the prez hopes to wind up things by getting the folks to tap their feet to the voting booth where they press the button in his favor. Springsteen has also been roped in to perform here. But the privilege of introducing the president goes to Jay Z. Jay has had a good rapport with Obama with the prez stating publicly that Jay Z is one of the few permanent fixtures on his iPod.


The Game Stands Gamely Behind Stacey Dash on Her Support for Romney

Stacey Dash may be facing a strong backlash from certain sections of the black community for supporting Romney but The Game has lent her his support; he’s apparently a firm believer of the chap who said something to the effect of not agreeing with you but defending your right to say what you believe in.

This is how he put it “I don’t understand what everybody’s gripe is with that,” “We live in the world [where] we try as people to become more non-racial. Every black person in the world doesn’t support Obama. …Why are we slamming her? Maybe she has different views and opinions, she should be entitled.”

And while he made it clear that he supports Obama, he felt that the Prez hasn’t quite gotten his act together and The Game took a dig at Jay-Z for this “I’ve seen the debate: words were fumbled, certain topics weren’t covered correctly,”  “But he’s Obama. He probably was listening to Jay-Z before he got up there and was a little bit in the zone and couldn’t get it together. But I love Obama he got my vote still.”



Jay-Z Reminiscences About Hard Knock Life on the Album’s 14th Anniversary

Jay-Z’s third studio album, Hard Knock Life Vol 2, has a special place in his body of work. In an interview with MTV News, the singer took a walk down memory lane and spoke about the album and how during its making he first met the then teenaged Swizz Beatz.

Back then, this is how the rapper had described the genesis of the album “Primarily I see myself as so much more than a rapper. I really believe I’m the voice for a lot of people who don’t have that microphone or who can’t rap. So I wanted to represent and tell the story of everybody who’s been through what I’ve been through, or knows somebody that has. I also wanted to speak about our lifestyle to people who – though they may live, say, in the suburbs and not be part of that world – still want to know about it and understand it.


Hip Hop Glitterati Turns Up For Jay-Z’s New Club Opening

Jay-Z has opened up a new 40/40 club at Barclays Center in New York City. And his friends from showbiz such as J.Cole, Rihanna, and them some more showed up for the gala opening.

Speaking to MTV News Jay.Z said “I walked around here earlier and I just seen everybody busy and at work trying to finish up and it was a great feeling,” “A guy stopped me in the hallway and said, ‘Man this is a great thing for New York City.’ And that’s what the whole thing was about.”

The Barclays is a multi-billion dollar complex with 101 luxury suites, 4 bars and lounge destinations, and much more.