Gunplay Airs His Opinion on French Montana’s Beef With 50 Cent

The beef simmering between 50 Cent and French Montana got some fresh perspective from a third party – Gunplay. He spoke on the issue when he appeared for an interview on Global Grind.

Said Gunplay – “Listen, I don’t give a flying fuck about them niggas,” he said. “I don’t care if they fight each other, I don’t care. i don’t even see ‘em; they’re nothing to me – nobody is really, I don’t see nobody. I see right through all these cunts – there’s nothing. I don’t care what this cunt was talking to this cunt about; they can sit there and have a cunt-versation all day, I don’t care…I fucks with French, that’s my homie, but where he eats, I don’t shit.”

Gunplay, if you may remember, had a recent bust up with fif’s men at the BET awards. During the interview he let slip that he has turned himself in for a pending warrant that actually came out in 2006. Ha! strange are the ways of the law(d).  or the law is an ass? Justice is blind? Whatever. See the video of this interview.


Styles P on The World’s Most Hardest MC Project and Other Things

Rap veteran Styles P released his fifth studio album – The World’s Most Hardest MC Project just a couple of days back; his fifth studio album.

In a no-holds barred interview with XXL, Styles spoke on a number of issues such as what prompted him to come out with an album instead of a mixtape; how his activities as a writer / author help him with creating lyrics for his hiphop tracks; on where he and others stand on the “hardest rapper” stakes; on why he agreed to the Wu-Block project; and many other such things.

Hip hop interviews don’t come more enlightening than this. Lots of substance, little fluff. No needless rubbing people the wrong way.


Frank Orange on Channel Orange, Sexual Orientation, and More

In a very interesting interview with GQ, Frank Orange has opened up on a number of issues regarding his life and career. Read the interview at GQ, what I liked was the compliment that Pharrell pays Frank when he says “I always call him James Taylor. He’s probably the closest thing to a writer’s perfect exemplification of the unconscious. All the songs are like movies. All you need to do is close your eyes.”

And of course, just before the smash album Channel Orange came out, the artist came out with a bombshell admission that called for a lot of guts, especially when one belongs to the macho world of hiphop – about his first love being a man.

Read the interview to see how deftly the artist avoids the question of him being a bisexual.


Nicki Minaj on GMA – Goes Soft on Mariah

Check out this video of Nicki Minaj as she appeared on Good Morning America on ABC. Has she mellowed since her very public fracas with Mariah Carey or was it that she didn’t want any attention taken away from the promotion of her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up.

Barbie touched upon a lot of things, such as the influence of Mariah Carey’s music on her when she was growing up [was she calling Mariah old over here?], her twin wins at the AMA 2012, her album of course, and her video for “Freedom”.

Take a look at the video and decide, will be interesting to see if Mariah Carey responds to this, if at all.

Post Directorial Debut Success, RZA Credits Time Spent With Wu-Tang Clan

RZA is riding a high after the critical and commercial success of “The Man With The Iron Fists”. He seems set for a long inning behind the camera. The Abbot, in his moment of glory, did not forget to remember his days as the head of the Wu-Tang Clan that trained him to direct people with different temperaments and sensibilities.

“[Wu-Tang] was actually the best training I could ever have,” he said. “I wasn’t conscious that all my trials and tribulations, good times and bad times with Wu-Tang would help me become this kind of psychiatrist of thinking towards other artists and talents. But also one of the biggest things that helped me is that I’m an artist. I understand the grind, the gripes. I understand right now we’re getting out early in the rain to sit here and talk to you about a film instead of on the bus, curled up warm. I understand how it feels, so I appreciate what an artist does.

As a director, I’m going to have compassion. There was a situation where we just had a problem, some of the producers were like, ‘push through it, push through it, push through it.’ I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no. You’re not going to push through it. You’re not going til he’s ready.’”


Roc-a-Fella Co-Founder Dame Dash On Relationship with Jay-Z

Dame Dash was rich once but has declared himself broke since last year; the founder of one of hip-hop’s top label who split with Jay-Z is now trying to rebuild bridges with his business partner, at least that is what his recent interview suggests. Does this have anything to do with their contrasting financial statuses?

In a recent interview, this is what he said “Look at Jay-Z…look at Kanye – every success they’ve had I’m proud of,” he said. “Every time I see them on television, I know what I did. In life, there’s tragedies – everyone has them, so even through the tragedies, I was able to deal with [them] in a way that other people usually can’t…I have nothing but positive things to say about [Jay-Z].”

Here’s the link to the interview –

The Game on Why He’s Not Materialistic

Every now and then, we get some tidbits of information that give us perspective and something that elevates the status of hiphop. This discussion that Game had with the folks at SOHH…is this one such discussion? You read and tell us.

The rapper reveals why even though he has a lavish lifestyle he is not really the materialistic kind. He said “I’m the type of n*gga if you give me a one-bedroom apartment–matter fact, two bedrooms, at least a room for my kids. Give me a two-bedroom apartment and some f*cking Internet and maybe one couch and I’m straight,” “F*ck this mansion. F*ck these cars. I would jump back in a Cutlass tomorrow, man. I don’t care about this materialistic sh*t. You can’t fit none of this in a casket.”

The only problem is that this guy doing this talking is actually known to really spend and spend hard on “materialistic” stuff; such as $200K on a black leather-wrapped Ferrari.

Now, am not being judgmental but maybe, just maybe there needs to be a little more connect between what we say and what we do. Okay, chuck what I say, read the interview by following the link.


LIL B, The Based God Interview

Lil B, the based god, has consented to an interview with mere mortals and chose the good folk at Montreality to bestow this honor upon.

Check out the video to get an interesting peek into the life of this artist as he talks about the kind of student he was; where his challenge to Kevin Durant stands; his upcoming rock album (did you know he was planning one?); Lady GaGa “showing love” with her shocking new rap song; his book “Takin’ Over By Imposing The Positive”; his first job; his first paycheck; and much more.

DJ Whoo Kid Interviews RZA

DJ Whoo Kid’s talk show Avenue A Soundcheck had a visit from RZA and the music producer touched upon a number of things, chiefly his upcoming directorial venture “The Man With The Iron Fists”, Quentin Tarantino’s involvement and the much awaited soundtrack that also features the Wu-Tang clan.

RZA revealed his process for coming up with beats, how the clan is shaping up, and a lot of inside dope on the flick which is set to release this Friday. Have a look-see at the video, if you’re a fan of this Grammy-award winning producer then his latest effort should be of interest to you.


Wiz Khalifa Interview: Speaks on How Drake Boofed Him and His Mom’s Turkey Spaghetti

The good folk at Hip Hop DX got Wiz Khalifa talking and talk he did. In a freewheeling interview, the artist talks of his upcoming album “Only Nigga In First Class” aka O.N.I.F.C; his favorite cartoon character Donatello of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and much more.

And like so many artists out there, Cameron J Thomaz is also keen on working with Nas. He said “I want to get in the studio with Nas,” “That would be cool. I think just lyrically that would take me to another level. I just been listening to a lot of his old CD’s. Well they’re old now, but they’re not even that old. Street’s Disciple and shit like that, that was released in like 04. But that was some really good shit and it got slept on. Musically, I feel like he’s in the zone that a lot of people don’t even really, really understand. So I wanna do some shit with Nas.”

He also came clear on how Drake missed a verse on the Work Hard Play Hard track; Wiz said “He boofed me man. He was supposed to do his verse and he ain’t do it so we had to put it out, but it ain’t no love lost. People get that done all the time in the industry, but yeah I got boofed”.


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