Gunplay Airs His Opinion on French Montana’s Beef With 50 Cent

The beef simmering between 50 Cent and French Montana got some fresh perspective from a third party – Gunplay. He spoke on the issue when he appeared for an interview on Global Grind.

Said Gunplay – “Listen, I don’t give a flying fuck about them niggas,” he said. “I don’t care if they fight each other, I don’t care. i don’t even see ‘em; they’re nothing to me – nobody is really, I don’t see nobody. I see right through all these cunts – there’s nothing. I don’t care what this cunt was talking to this cunt about; they can sit there and have a cunt-versation all day, I don’t care…I fucks with French, that’s my homie, but where he eats, I don’t shit.”

Gunplay, if you may remember, had a recent bust up with fif’s men at the BET awards. During the interview he let slip that he has turned himself in for a pending warrant that actually came out in 2006. Ha! strange are the ways of the law(d).  or the law is an ass? Justice is blind? Whatever. See the video of this interview.


Video of 50 Cent Goes Bowling Wearing Gunplay’s MMG Chain

The morning after the BET Awards fracas between Gunplay and members of G-Unit, the former had called up Power 105‘s Breakfast Club and during the course of the chat had mentioned that he did not lose the MMG chain while also mentioning that he fought off the attackers like a wildebeest. Did you even know that these herbivorous herd animals are crazy fighters? Me neither.

Anyway, the point is that later on a member of 50 Cent’s team had admitted to taking the MMG chain and now we have fif being spotted enjoying bowling wearing something very similar to Gunplay’s chain. Wonder what Rick Ross has to say about this whole thing.


“Honest” Mike Knox Comes Forward and Admits He Stole Gunplay’s Chain

The BET awards bust-up between Gunplay and G-Unit members is now taking on a farcical turn with part-time rapper Mike Knox turning up at Philly‘s Hot 107.9 radio station last night and give his side of the story; and if you’ve been following the event and what the participants have been saying, then you’ll notice than not all of it adds up.

Like Mike says Gunplay was maced before the G-Unit guys jumped him and yet we have the MMG member going hammer and tongs after Mike while Mike cops a beating. Gunplay says 50 Cent was not there while fif says he landed a punch on Gunplay. And how does Mike get even? By stealing Gunplay’s chain. Does show him up as a bit of a wuss, this whole episode. Hope that since everybody’s had their 15 seconds of fame, infamy or whatever, this issue will die a natural death and rivalries will be limited to producing better music.


And Now 50 Cent Fires a Few Salvos of His Own at Gunplay

The BET Awards controversy between 50 Cent and Gunplay took a new turn when fif finally decided to break his silence on the issue and took to twitter only to later delete the tweets; he mentioned that he swung a hook, (don’t know whether left or right) at Gunplay whom he referred to as a junkie. Fif has asked the MMG rapper to lay off stating that he didn’t take kindly to threats and now a face-to-face was the only way out. But…why did he delete the tweets.

Meanwhile, the mystery of Gunplay’s missing chain has been solved. G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox revealed that he stole Gunplay‘s MMG chain.


Gunplay Clears the Air on BET Awards Fracas That Got Him Maced by the Cops

Gunplay has gotten off the blocks earlier than 50 Cent with regards to giving his version of what happened between the MMG guys and 50 Cent’s boys. He called in to Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club this morning to give his account of the events.

About the Rick Ross issue, he described it as a melee and said “I was walking—security had stopped me and was patting me down, and I ain’t get to see what happened,” he said. “Ross and them walked up ahead of me, and security was still patting me down. By the time, I got there, I seen a melee.”.

He followed this up with an interview to TMZ Live where he let it be known that there’s no love lost between him and 50 Cent and that while fif hid behind bodyguards, Gunplay took on a bunch of them.


Stars Scuffle at BET Awards 2012 – Gunshots Heard

Controversy and awards events go hand in hand, if it is not about issues with biased selections then it is about star egos clashing. Something on these lines happened at the BET Awards function on 29th September; we don’t know yet what caused the protagonists to to combust but there were two scuffles reported; the first one featured Rick Ross and Young Jeezy which according to eyewitnesses led to gunshots being fired in the parking lot. The local police; however, maintained that not only was no one injured, there were no gunshots fired.

The second fight involved MMG rapper Gunplay and members of 50-Cent’s G-Unit crew. This happened in the artist’s trailer area and was a bit of a mismatch because it had Gunplay being jumped by at least members of the G-Unit crew; it ended with Gunplay being subdued with pepper spray by the cops and being arrested as well.