Gucci Mane Thanks Mariah Carey For Break in Films


Gucci Mane is expanding his creative horizons; he will be appearing in the film “Spring Breakers” that hits cinemas in March.

Gucci said – “I gotta give all the credit to Mariah Carey,” “I thank her for that. Also I want to give a shout out to Nick Cannon and Mariah and their family. I thank her for introducing me to Brett Ratner, who didRush Hour 3. I met him through her at our video for the song we did together, ‘Obsessed.’ Later she put me in touch with Brett Ratner and Harmony Korine who’s the director. They told me they were interested in putting me in a film but she was the connect to that.”

Trap God 2: Spring Break Edition, Gucci’s mixtape releases along with the film. This is a good time to be Gucci Mane.


Gucci Mane Warned By Crips not to Perform in Macon

Hardly a week passes without a new and interesting development on the GD vs Rick Ross feud and now we have an entirely new beef simmering between the Crips on one hand and rapper Gucci Mane on the other. And what is this one about? It’s about the death of one Pookie Loc, a rapper with Young Jeezy’s label and a member of the East Side Crips gang.

Apparently, Gucci has not been able to live the fact down that he played a role in the demise of Pookie and some of his actions and comments have been construed by the Crips folks as bragging and hence a warning has been issued. Like an unofficial warrant has been taken out for Gucci.

Gucci Mane Dares Rappers to Take Him On in the Ring

Gucci Mane’s been practicing his hooks and his upper cuts; somehow the situation reminds me of the scene in Enter the Dragon when Jim Kelly calls the evil Han a character straight out of a comic books and asks him if he’s been practicing.

Any way, my digressions apart, the rapper tweeted a couple of days back “I’m challenging any rapper friend or foe in the ring to a boxing match. Put yo money up. Who got hands not raps. Who wants the challenge,” and then followed it up with “All Deez P*ssy a** rappers” “The proceeds from the ring will go to charities. You scary a** Rappers”.

Why doesn’t he just switch trade and enter some WBA / WBC competition? Who’s gonna take up his challenge? Is fif listening? So many questions, stay tuned and we’ll let you know the answers as things unfold.


Trap God Drops October 17th, Gucci Has 10 Albums Planned for 2013

Gucci Mane is a busy mayn…yes and yo, He’s got miles to go. Gotta make up for lost time, he’s gonna drop a dime. To fill up his war chest, he knows what to do next. One moment you’re driving a hummer, push a girl out and you’re handed a $60K bummer. But you bounce back, you know what it takes; You wipe a clean slate, mah man’s got 10 albums on his plate. YO!

Anyway, the point am trying to make is that Gucci’s much anticipated album Trap God which drops on October 17th is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The rapper has 10 albums lined up for next year and of that lot, he’s already completed around 40% of the work. More power to the Man(e) from Atlanta.


Gucci Mane Raps “Rollie Up” With His Homies

Gucci Mane’s much awaited mixtape is dropping on October 17th. Here we have a brand new video for the tape “Rollie Up”; and this one is brand new, you won’t find it on the tracklists released thus far.

The music video has been directed by Cricket and the visuals cut to Gucci Mane and Brick Squad homies playing poker and chilling in what looks like a warehouse. Its basically about how the guys are feeling good that they have the cash to play around with and the beautiful babes that are complimentary with the color green. Check out the treat with Gucci, Young Scooter and Wacka Flocka spittin out their verses and exhorting all and sundry to “Hold Ya Rollie Up”

Gucci Mane x Big Sean “Brought Them Racks” Video

Gucci Mane drops what is known in our parlance as a “dope” video. It is titled “Brought Them Racks” and features Big Sean. The video has a lot of hot cash and hot babes, and this alone makes it view-worthy. It features guest appearances from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Jim Jones, Big Sean, Birdman, Fabolous, 8Ball, Scarface, Future, Yo Gotti, Jeremih, T.I. & more.

Gucci seems to be on a spree, dropping mixtapes; another one titled Trap God is due October 17th. Check the “I’m Up” tracklist in image below.