Lil Wayne Loses “Carter” Case, Has to Cough Up More Than $2 Million

Hope this doesn’t send Lil Wayne into seizures once more…but in a major embarrassment, the rapper has lost the case he had filed against Quincy Jones III. Not only that the judge ruled in favor of the Quincy in the counter case that he filed and slapped hefty damages on Lil Weezy; the amount is $2,195000.

Quincy’s allegation was the Wayne’s wrongful jock blocking of the film messed up its potential to bring profits to the producer. Maybe in hindsight, Lil Wayne is probably feeling a twinge of regret for having called the film a “scandalous portrayal”, was Wayne correct in doing what he did or was this an act of hubris destined to end in this manner? Over to you, dear readers, let the comments flow.


Machine Gun Kelly – Lace Up: The Documentary Part 1

Machine Gun Kelly has dropped a video that documents his journey in the making of “Lace up”, his recently released album.

If you’re in the mood for some inspirational viewing then do check out the video as MKG takes the viewer through a ride covering his trials and triumphs in coming out with the album. By the end of it you’ll find rooting for this kid from Cleveland who came up from nowhere to become the next white hope in the big bad world of hip hop. The video is worth watching simply because you get to hear and see the artist talk about his little daughter.