Video Footage of Diddy’s Car Accident

Check out the video footage of P Diddy’s accident; Bad as it is, it could have been horrendous. It is obvious that Diddy is hurt. Diddy should be glad he was able to walk away from it all.

His reps released the following statement – Diddy’s reps released the following statement:
“Sean Combs sustained multiple injuries in yesterday’s car accident including to his neck, ribs and collarbone. He is currently receiving treatment for these injuries from his physicians and would like to thank all of his fans for the outpouring of support that he has received since the accident.”


Diddy Injured In Car Crash In Los Angeles

Diddy, aka Sean Combs, has escaped potentially serious injuries in a car crash when his chauffeured Cadillac Escalade collided with a Lexus RX vehicle outside a fancy hotel in Los Angeles.

Although the 4 x 4 suffered extensive damage, Diddy, his driver, and fellow passenger record boss Andre Hurrell were not taken to hospital. The vehicle was in no state to be driven and had to be towed away with its windshield totally crushed and airbags activated.

Diddy was so shaken up by the accident that he had to lie down on the grass by the side of the road. But apparently he was okay enough to walk away and did not require ambulance services even though one was called.


Video: Shyne Accuses Rick Ross of Lifting His Ideas and His Style

Shyne, born Jamal Michael Barrow and name legally changed to Moses Michael Levi, has let loose a torrent of some pretty hard talk against Rick Ross. Why? Because he feels that Rick’s album Black Bar Mitzvah is inspired by his attitude and work with Judaism.

Shyne, if you didn’t get it from his changed name, is a convert to Judaism. He further goes on to say that Diddy actually told him about how Rick Ross has lifted his “Shyne’s” entire style.

“Black Bar Mitzvah was just basically another example of his pathetic behavior. He sound like me, Diddy told me that he took my whole style,” Po actually said that he’s got connections awesome enough to take out his adversaries but he won’t do that coz’ he’s reformed. For those not in the know, Shyne’s father is the current Prime Minister of Belize.

Po also touched upon how going to jail for a decade robbed him of his singing voice.