Meek Mill Gives it Back to Cassidy After “RAID” Diss

Cassidy may have had his few moments under the sun after the Meek Mill diss and he also has a few things planned for this year. He’s now gone on air and is stating that he does not have anything personal against Meek Mill. Check video for the interview.

But Meek Mill’s probably not having any of it and has gone on an all out twitter offensive against Cassidy. Here’s what he tweeted.

“10mins of fiction ….. And a old a** flow that nobody will never play in a car! #yadone atleast ya got back on da radio #saythanks”

“In about 50days everyone will forget about ya again …. And we still gone b balling! #rememberthistweet lol”

“Made n*ggas sit up 2 12:00am for that bullsh*t…. People gotta go 2 work and church tomar!”

“Y’all serious? Or y’all just want a n*gga 2 drop some new sh*t?,” Meek tweeted January 6th.

“This how u can tell weirdos making a big impact in the world right now!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)



“Condom Style” Worst Song In The History Of Rapping Says Meek Mill

Looks like there’s little love lost between Meek Mill and Cassidy ever since Meek evinced an interest in going back to rap battles and had apparently zoomed in on Cassidy for it. Now, he’s gone on and poked some fun at the rapper for his recent track “Condom Style”.

This is what the MMG artist said on Instagram “Go 2 this is the worst song in the history of rapping….this gotta b a joke! Google #condomstyle,”

Needless to say, the posting has gathered comments like flies to sweets and quite a few in favor of Cass. My take? This ain’t no beef at all, this is just two brothas taking the mickey out of each other.


Video: Tone Trump Gives His Take on Meek Mill and Cassidy Beef

Much has been written on Philly rapper Meek Mill’s burning desire to get battle rapping again and then there was his $100K challenge that was taken up by Cassidy. It later ranspired that Meek Mill was not keen participating in a rap battle himself but would pay that much to watch Murda Mook and Cassidy do battle. And the issue soon acquired the status of a beef, a Philly beef no less.

So, when All Hip Hop got a chance to sit with Philly native Tone Trump to get some local perspective on the issue, this is what he had to say – “Ni**as love negativy. If Meek Mill and Cassidy was on Twitter shouting each other out and showing each other love, nobody would say nothing about it,” “Because their having a disagreement, people try to instigate it and pipe it up. I’m not taking no part of it, I got respect for both of them. For what they are doing and did for the city and opening up lanes an creating opportunities for ni**as like me to get money.”