50 Cent Denies Illegal Track Sampling for His 2009 “War Angel” Album

50 Cent has come out with his side in the ongoing lawsuit that The Persuaders’ Robert Poindexter filed against him in April this year. The plaintiff claimed that fif did not own the song “Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out” which he sampled in the track “Redrum” from his 2009 album War Angel.

Fif on his part has landed what could be a total kayo, he says that Mr Poindexter does not own the song, having signed it away to Warner Music Group and therefore cannot claim theft of material. Fif has requested the judge to dismiss the case ASAP. No word on the judge’s ruling, but the ball’s now in the defendant’s court. Will he end up paying hefty damages to Fif?


50 Cent’s “Street King Immortal” Not Coming Out on November 13th

While “New Day” from Fif’s much awaited album “Street King Immortal” is getting good air time and is also set to play when fif hosts the pre-game show on Fox this Sunday; the album containing this number will no longer release on November 13th; its release being delayed because of some problems between the G-Unit headman and Interscope Records.

There is a history to this feud between the two parties; earlier too record releases by the artist have been delayed for one reason or the other. And this can be a setback to someone who operates on a two-year cycle as 50 Cent does.

This is fif’s take on the issue – “Yeah, Street King Immortal. The actual album, it was scheduled to release November 13th, but we had to move the date,” Fif said in an interview from Paris, France. “For this album, it’s already been a year late. It’s usually two years in my cycle that I go because I release the record and then I spend a whole year after touring and then I go again. So on this actual cycle it was actually a lot longer because it’s the final album requirement for Interscope and we went through an audit type of situation until we got it all cleared up and now everybody’s ready to work, so it’s ready to come out. I finished it. I’m comfortable with the actual record, I feel it’s arguable as good if not better than what I did in the beginning with Get Rich and The Massacre. But you know, I’ve learned to adjust pretty well to people judging me as an artist and people look at the material and try to be critics more than fans. But I’m my biggest critic.”


Promo Video for 50 Cent On Fox NFL Sunday

50 Cent is all set to appear on Fox NFL Sunday for the pre-game show that airs at 12 pm EST and in order to spread the word, he’s released a promo video that has him goading the players with words of inspiration –  “When you’re on top, you can always count on people trying to bring you down,” while there’s a clever bit of cross-promotion going on in the background in the form of fif’s new single “New Day”.

Fif has some energizing pep talk for the players when he says “Can’t nobody touch you. Don’t forget, many men are scheming to bring you down,” “In this game, everybody wants to wear the crown.”

So make sure you tune in on to Fox and catch 50 Cent dispense his two cents  as the Cowboys take on the Panthers and the Giants sqaure off to the Redskins.


And Now Fif Turns His Ire on French Montana

A couple of days back French Montana had spoken in an interview on what he thought was holding back 50 Cent’s music career. And he let slip that it was highly unlikely that 50 Cent could touch 10 million sales on current form.

The interview, and apparently public nods to what French said, kind of irritated fif and he did what he had done at the time of the Gunplay fiasco. He took to twitter and let the world know about his point of view. The point is, that to most folks out there, his attitude only kind of reinforces the point French made…about picking up beefs.

50 Cent tweeted “French Montana you ain’t Sh** boy. You out your league talking about me you hoe.i read your little interview what the f*** is you high,” “French your Sh** so weak you never had a song by your self fool. Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse. Girl.”

“Do you realize this fool @Frenchmontana hasn’t sold one record and talking about sales,” “I’m not tweeting about this little fool No more. I’m a see him and he gonna explain that’s it.”


French Montana Offers His 2 Cents on 50 Cents and His Beefs

Rapper French Montana recently gave insight on what he thinks has hurt 50 Cents’ career the most and according to the “Stay Schemin” rapper it is the various beefs and feuds that fif has carried out with fellow rappers.

French said that this aspect of his personality has helped other groups and labels get ahead of fif; he gave the example of Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group.

At the same time, he was at pains to point out that the incidents between Pusha T and Lil Wayne were more like tiffs and less like a beef.

“For some people it’s competition for them. It’s good for hip-hop…Yeah. Pusha T and Lil Wayne’s [beef] ain’t nothing serious,” “If Wayne feels like [it’s real beef] then you know Baby would have got involved. Things like that, it’s good for hip-hop. If nobody got shot, it ain’t beef.”


Video of 50 Cent Goes Bowling Wearing Gunplay’s MMG Chain

The morning after the BET Awards fracas between Gunplay and members of G-Unit, the former had called up Power 105‘s Breakfast Club and during the course of the chat had mentioned that he did not lose the MMG chain while also mentioning that he fought off the attackers like a wildebeest. Did you even know that these herbivorous herd animals are crazy fighters? Me neither.

Anyway, the point is that later on a member of 50 Cent’s team had admitted to taking the MMG chain and now we have fif being spotted enjoying bowling wearing something very similar to Gunplay’s chain. Wonder what Rick Ross has to say about this whole thing.


And Now 50 Cent Fires a Few Salvos of His Own at Gunplay

The BET Awards controversy between 50 Cent and Gunplay took a new turn when fif finally decided to break his silence on the issue and took to twitter only to later delete the tweets; he mentioned that he swung a hook, (don’t know whether left or right) at Gunplay whom he referred to as a junkie. Fif has asked the MMG rapper to lay off stating that he didn’t take kindly to threats and now a face-to-face was the only way out. But…why did he delete the tweets.

Meanwhile, the mystery of Gunplay’s missing chain has been solved. G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox revealed that he stole Gunplay‘s MMG chain.


Gunplay Clears the Air on BET Awards Fracas That Got Him Maced by the Cops

Gunplay has gotten off the blocks earlier than 50 Cent with regards to giving his version of what happened between the MMG guys and 50 Cent’s boys. He called in to Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club this morning to give his account of the events.

About the Rick Ross issue, he described it as a melee and said “I was walking—security had stopped me and was patting me down, and I ain’t get to see what happened,” he said. “Ross and them walked up ahead of me, and security was still patting me down. By the time, I got there, I seen a melee.”.

He followed this up with an interview to TMZ Live where he let it be known that there’s no love lost between him and 50 Cent and that while fif hid behind bodyguards, Gunplay took on a bunch of them.


50 Cent and Fat Joe To Put Differences Aside in Tribute to Chris Lighty

The BET Hip-Hop awards that are going to happen over the weekend might just provide the perfect venue for 50 Cent and Fat Joe to let go of past differences; the news is that the two rappers will share the stage while recording the show this weekend at the Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Center in Atlanta. It will air on October 9th. Both artists had a special bonding with Lighty and regarded him as an adviser to be relied upon.

Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott will also be performing in tribute to the founder of Violator Records. However, 50 Cent also said this “Regardless, they could be across the street from you, they don’t have to have a conversation or have anything to be a source of why they feel that way about you. You can’t fix it in conversation with some of these people so I don’t even look to resolve any of that. I just move forward without focusing on it,”

So, basically this is just a one-off coming together as far as 50 Cent is concerned.


50 Cent Teaches Abstinence On Twitter

The theme of 50 Cent’s latest tweets is how to stop self-abuse, i.e. stop wanking, do not offer your seed on the altar of onan…etc. You get the idea? What made him want to do this? We don’t know but we’ll have that on twitter too, soon. In the meanwhile, this is what 50 Cent tweeted –

“Step 1,” he began tweeting. “To avoid the urge to masturbate, stop going to porn sites. Step 2. Make a conscious decision not to turn your head after people walk by you. Step 3. Do not go to strip clubs. Step 4. Do not look at lust filled magazines.”

Next, we could be readings some pointers on the beneficial health effects of conserving your seed. Wanna take bets on what the next 50 Cent album will be on?


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