Gucci Mane Thanks Mariah Carey For Break in Films


Gucci Mane is expanding his creative horizons; he will be appearing in the film “Spring Breakers” that hits cinemas in March.

Gucci said – “I gotta give all the credit to Mariah Carey,” “I thank her for that. Also I want to give a shout out to Nick Cannon and Mariah and their family. I thank her for introducing me to Brett Ratner, who didRush Hour 3. I met him through her at our video for the song we did together, ‘Obsessed.’ Later she put me in touch with Brett Ratner and Harmony Korine who’s the director. They told me they were interested in putting me in a film but she was the connect to that.”

Trap God 2: Spring Break Edition, Gucci’s mixtape releases along with the film. This is a good time to be Gucci Mane.


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