Coco Does It Again, Ice T Stays Cool


Okay, we know its for getting eyeballs, whether it’s the lady posting pics of pressing 500 pounds on the leg press machine or getting caught in “inappropriate” situations with other men, the Coco / Ice-T combine seem to have perfected the art of staying in public memory. And it’s all for a cause, Coco is headlining a show in Las Vegas and publicity never hurts. But what exactly has happened?

Well, this time too it’s a photo scandal with the lady’s backside being palmed by a guy and the pics have found their way to the net. Surprising, ain’t it, such private pics ending up for our viewing pleasure.

When Coco asked the chap to remove the pic from Twitter, the guy snapped back and said she and her husband knew what they were doing when they asked for that pose!! Take that.


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