Lil Wayne Trivia – 40 Nuggets on the Superstar

lil wayne

Lil Wayne has his share of dedicated fans who know a whole lot of things about him –  stats, records, relationships, beefs, workout routine, and what not and yet there’s a wealth of information about Lil Weezy that you all are blissfully unaware of. Here are 40 nuggets compiled by Complex.

Like, did you know that –

  • He went by the names Shrimp Daddy and Baby D before Lil Wayne.
  • His first album is almost completely curse-free because of his mother’s wishes.
  • He says that he stopped listening to other artists’ music after Jay-Z’s The Black Album.
  • His mom encouraged him to have a daughter at 15 because she was lonely while he was on tour with Cash Money.
  • He admitted to having crabs once, and called it “the worst.”
  • When his Cash Money contract expired in 2006, he almost signed a new deal with Jay-Z’s Rocafella for a rumored $5 million. He declined because he’s a “loyal dude,” but said it was “very tough.”
  • He dropped out of school at 14.

Yeah, you read that right, his mom wanted him to become a dad when he was himself a kid. Follow the source link for more such gems.


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