Formula 50 – 50 Cent’s New Workout Book


Came across a cool article over at that talks us through nine mantras that Fif has followed over the years to become the man he is today.

And here they are for your persusal –

  • Make Sure Your Enemies Fear You And Your Allies Respect You
  • Study The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Competition
  • Your Biggest Enemy Is Your Comfort Zone. Destroy It
  • Don’t Let The People Who Are Closest Take Advantage Of You
  • Speak In The Language Of The Audience You Wish To Reach
  • Your Setbacks Make A Bigger Imprint Than Your Triumphs. Learn From Them So You Don’t Repeat Them
  • Focus On Your Goals, But Don’t Become Consumed Or You’ll Miss Out On Life
  • Stop Thinking In Terms Of Limits
  • Keep Everything In Perspective And The Focus Becomes Progress, Not Perfection


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