Tyga Splurges Using Accountant’s Credit Card, Judge Orders Him to Repay


Strange are the ways of this world. Why would a moneyed rapper who splurges millions on mansions and is fast becoming a name to reckon with in the world of adult entertainment use his accountant’s credit card and then refuse to reimburse the guy. Apparently, this is what has happened between Tyga and his accountant Robert Seltzer.

Tyga used Seltzer’s credit card, reneged on repaying the man. The man waited, then lost patience and sued the artist for $13,396, Somewhat expectedly, Tyga failed to turn up for the hearing and forcing the judge to make a default judgment to Seltzer, making the rapper pay $16,801.67.

Last heard, Tyga had repaid the beleaguered accountant in some part.


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