Kanye West Goes on Mid-Performance Rant Against Grammys

Kanye West Performs At Revel

Kanye may have won 18 Grammys in all, albeit according to him these are “Black Categories” but he still seems to hold a grudge against the awards, he feels he’s been shortchanged.

Here is what he specifically said, midway through a performance at Revel in Atlantic City that came with the trademark Kanye outfits and energetic performance.

“I love Maroon 5, but when I lost for ‘Best New Artist’ to Maroon 5… Or when Watch The Throne and Dark Fantasy, neither of them got nominated for ‘Album of the Year,’ or when ‘Niggas in Paris’ didn’t get nominated for ‘Record of the Year’… So don’t expect to see me at the Grammys this year, you nah mean?!”

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