Curren$y – 3 Piece Set (Artwork)

3 piece

Curren$y aka Andretti Corleone aka Andretti Corleone is a Black-Italian rapper from New Orleans. He’s come up with another mixtape that debuts on the 24th of December, it is titled 3 Piece Set and we have the artwork of this album for you. Take a look, can’t explain the folds on the cover, we don’t know what that is about.

Maybe it is in sync with the artist’s type of rap which he describes as  “lifestyle rap,” and frequently raps about day-to-day happenings in his life that include fast women and their company when he’s stoned ad hot wheels that he likes to collect. Dang, if I had a lifestyle like that I’d be rapping about it in my sleep and while brushing my teeth.

Anyway, the tracklist is not out yet, a video might hit the bandwidths soon. We’ll keep you posted.

P.S – The Black Italian part was a joke. 



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