Hi-Tek Promises ‘Hi-Teknology 4 : Ohio Player’ in 2013


Hi Tek last came out with music way back in 2010, since then he has been quiet as far as making mainstream music is concerned. He’s finally spoken on his much delayed project “Hi-Teknology 4″.

This is what he said “The next time I put out an album its going to be right. In 2013 I’m going to drop a single, put out some music, and I’m getting my new website together Hi-TekMusic.com, the next album is going to be called, ‘Hi-Teknology: Ohio Player,’ it’s going to be an addition to the Hi-Teknology series and it’s kind of based on me being a person from Ohio, puttin it down, strong with the music and it’s ode and a dedication to the OGs, and its something to inspire those from where I’m from because so much music has come from here.

My whole new project is about 50 percent done and I’m just trying to find distribution for it right now. Thats really my main focus right now, just getting this album together. I recently did some stuff with [David] Banner, and I’m just trying to develop some new talent.”


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