Ma$e Says “No Way Out” Was His Demo Tape That Diddy Took To Platinum

Now that Ma$e is clearly no longer a part of Bad Boys Records; having parted ways with Diddy after 16 years, tasty tidbits have begun coming out of the closet of this rapper. For instance, the lay public is now told that Ma$e wrote the lyrics for many a Diddy classic including Puff’s breakthrough album – “No Way Out”.

This is what Mason Betha told MTV -“We just put our heads together and Puff said he was gonna be the artist,” ¬†“I stayed in the studio, helped write and he came up with the records. He wanted to do the records that I wrote and he just started rapping on ‘em and then he said ‘I’ma put you on the record with me,’ so that’s how it happened. Everything I had for myself that was like my demo, that became his album. Then I was thinking, well, ‘how can I do it again?’ He worked with me to become the artist that I became, doing Harlem World, so it was just a collective effort.”


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