Ma$e No More With Bad Boy Records, May Move to G.O.O.D Music

Ma$e has finally come clear on his status; he is actually a free agent and has been one for a few days. He was for long associated with Diddy’s Bad Boy records, in fact, for 16 long years.

Ma$e said – “I’ve been in that contract for 16 years,” “Yeah, the other day he let me out of it, so big shout-outs to Diddy, I guess he woke up feeling good and he wanted to do something good.” “At this point, I don’t really want to be under nobody from the aspect of being tied in a long, long contract,” he said. “It’s kinda like breaking up; you don’t want to jump into a new relationship.”

However, the word on the street is that the New York veteran may just take his talents to Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music.


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