Game Still Feels Chris Brown Was Only a Kid When He Hit Rihanna

Game takes what may seem like a mature and benevolent approach toward Chris Brown; he feels Chris is like his little brother. Chris Brown, as you may all recollect, collected a lot of bad publicity in 2009 for a domestic violence case in which he injured Rihanna. All that’s in the past now. And the two are a couple once more. One only hopes that public condones of the like that Game is giving for acts such as Chris Brown’s, don’t come back and haunt him. There’s got to be accountability.

Game spoke to radio jockey  Howard Stern and said “Yeah, that’s like a little brother of mine,”  “I did the best that I could to counsel him through that and I feel like he made it back okay. And they’re back together and what I thought of it? I just thought they were young and that was just one of those Hollywood mishaps. I don’t think it’ll happen again. … [If he was dating my daughter and smacked her up like that, would he be alive today?] Uh, eh, let’s not paint that picture. [He would not be alive.] Yeah, that’s Howard talking. Are you trying to get me to kill Chris Brown, man? That’s not gonna happen, Howard. That was pretty clever though.”


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