Rick Ross Says It Wasn’t Gang Threat That Got MMG NC Tour Cancelled

Looks like Rick Ross is out to do some damage control, after the North Carolina tour got cancelled, Rozay’s image took a bit of a beating. I mean, you spend years cultivating a persona [I say persona, because otherwise he’d still be a cop] and then something happens and the media goes to town trying to tear you down.

So in this case we have Rozay ostensibly falling foul of the Gangster Disciples and then cancelling a tour of NC because he was scared. But if you believe the rapper, then that’s not how it is.

In an interview with Jamz 99, Ross said  “Once they began to unravel I just shut it down. Never was it due to any threats.”   “I’m a certified man, I am a real boss. This is something everybody need to understand.  Gangstas move in silence.”  “I’m certified world wide.  I could put 1000 gangstas in any hood.”  “Sean G wasn’t handling his business.”


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