Masta Killa Opens Up On His New Album and Sundry Issues in New Interview

Its the kind of interview I like to cover and Masta Killa is the kind of personality that lends both color and gravitas to the hip hop industry.

In a recent interview with XXL Mag the artist, who first burst upon our collective consciousness in 1993 with “Mystery of Chessboxin’, speaks upon his third album that is coming out tomorrow, December 11th. It’s titled “Sellin My Soul” and as mentioned, it is just his only his third album even though he’s been around for twenty years.

Says the Masta that his during his six-year long hiatus he was not sitting idle and his creative machinery was fully active. He’s chosen this moment to come out with this album because he feels that only he can deliver the secret ingredient, the one thing special, that is so missing from the hip hop scene of today.


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