Will Smith Offered to Contact Obama on T.I’s Behalf

T.I has had his share of success and fame and also his share of legal troubles that are the bane of hip hop artists. In an interview with  Peter Baily’s ‘Nite Cap,’ the artist revealed that Will Smith actually offered to take up with Obama his latest run-in with the law…that was about a probation violation.

T.I said “I didn’t reach out to [Will Smith for a Presidential pardon]; we were just in conversation just speaking,”  “We got the same birthday, and everyday on our birthday we speak on the phone just to say, ‘What’s up, how’re you doing, what’s going on?’ That year on our birthday, I was just going through that [probation] situation, so when he had me [on the phone], I was like, ‘Dude, it’s tight right now.’ His first thing was, ‘How can I help?’ and I said, ‘Bruh, it’s got to come from the top.’ He was like, ‘Oh yeah? I can reach up there [to the President].’ I was like, ‘Man, I don’t even know. Don’t put yourself out the way – it’s a long shot’…at that point, he connected with my attorneys and took a shot.”

That’s sweet. Check out the video


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