Gunplay Airs His Opinion on French Montana’s Beef With 50 Cent

The beef simmering between 50 Cent and French Montana got some fresh perspective from a third party – Gunplay. He spoke on the issue when he appeared for an interview on Global Grind.

Said Gunplay – “Listen, I don’t give a flying fuck about them niggas,” he said. “I don’t care if they fight each other, I don’t care. i don’t even see ‘em; they’re nothing to me – nobody is really, I don’t see nobody. I see right through all these cunts – there’s nothing. I don’t care what this cunt was talking to this cunt about; they can sit there and have a cunt-versation all day, I don’t care…I fucks with French, that’s my homie, but where he eats, I don’t shit.”

Gunplay, if you may remember, had a recent bust up with fif’s men at the BET awards. During the interview he let slip that he has turned himself in for a pending warrant that actually came out in 2006. Ha! strange are the ways of the law(d).  or the law is an ass? Justice is blind? Whatever. See the video of this interview.


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