50 Cent Says Don’t Compare “Get Rich or Die Trying” With “SKI”

The release of Fif’s latest album has been pushed to February; the G-Unit boss may or may not have something to do with it but February has a special place in Fif’s heart. That’s because his first album, which made him what he is today, came in February – Get Rich or Die Trying.

Fif is determined to get his fifth studio album out no later than February; on the tenth anniversary of his first blockbuster.

The artist had some friendly suggestions for his fans -“Hold me to the greater quality…Don’t hold me to the exact content, don’t hold me to the production, don’t play both albums next to each other and say, ‘Which track do I like better?’ ” “Just listen to the actual project itself and you’ll see the growth and how I’m seasoned,” “I’m 10 years in now. I’m not under any circumstances in a position that I’m not comfortable or able to function in any area of entertainment at this point.”


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