Rick Ross Angers Black Masons and Gangster Disciples

What has Rick Ross done to get in the bad books of two of the most powerful societies out there? Black Masons, yup…blackĀ Freemasons, they have their own society and then the Gangster Disciples. So Ross the Boss has brains on one side coming for him and brawn on the other.

In fact, it appears that there has been some friction between the Black Masons and the Gangster Disciples over Rick Ross; it actually forced the masons to come out of their secrecy and clear that Ross is not a member of their organization nor does he belong to the Illuminati.

What has actually gotten the GD’s collective goat is that Ross claimed to be Larry Hoover, one of the founders of the gang and then went and put his face on one of the gang’s symbols – a six-pointed star – for one of his mixtapes. The gang has responded by creating this video for him.



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