Joe Budden To Release “No Love Lost” in January 2013

Joe Budden has announced the release date of his solo album “No Love Lost”; we can expect it to hit the stores on 22nd January next year. But before that, the Slaughterhouse member will give us his mixtape “A Loose Quarter” which comes our way on 23rd November.

His group’s sophomore project “Welcome To: Our House” came out in August and Joe had this to say about it back then “I grow more and more alright with it as the days go on because I’m able to put it in perspective,” he told MTV’s Rapfix. “When I put it into perspective, 50k in a week…not much radio presence, not much television presence, it spoke volumes and just to keep it all the way funky, and for the core fan base angry still going out there and 50k strong purchased it? I still believe it to be a great album. Next time around, we’ll do some things a lil different.”


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