J. Cole Announces Album “Born Sinner”

J.Cole has posted an important announcement on his website “Dreamvillain”; he has alerted the world to the title and release date of his sophomore album “Born Sinner” that is set for a January 2013 release. January 28th to be exact.

A video teaser tells us the information. It has a young kid holding a sign “Born Sinner” inside a church and we’re supposed to contemplate the question “aren’t we all sinners? aren’t we all saints?”.

This is what Jeremiah Cole had said in a recent interview – “The album’s going to be coming out early next year. You should really expect it to be on the next level. I’ve been in a great place this year creatively, so things have been going good. I still go through some stress but it’s more of a good, natural stress rather than worrying about how many records are going to sell.”


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