Kurupt Opens Up After Natina Reed’s Death

Although Kurupt and Natina Reed, the mother of his child were no longer together, the artist evidently feels pain of no longer having the lady in his life.

Natina lost her life over the weekend after being hit by a car in Atlanta. Natina was 32 years of age and died just one day short of her 33rd birthday. She was mother to 10 year old Tren Brown. Ironically, Natina’s mentor Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes also lost her life in a car accident.

In his first public response to the tragedy, Kurupt said “Myself and Tren, Natina’s son, would like to thank everyone for their love and support during this tragic time,” “This is a tremendous loss to our family. Natina was a great person and I wish everyone had the opportunity to meet her and know her as I did.”


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