The Game on Why He’s Not Materialistic

Every now and then, we get some tidbits of information that give us perspective and something that elevates the status of hiphop. This discussion that Game had with the folks at SOHH…is this one such discussion? You read and tell us.

The rapper reveals why even though he has a lavish lifestyle he is not really the materialistic kind. He said “I’m the type of n*gga if you give me a one-bedroom apartment–matter fact, two bedrooms, at least a room for my kids. Give me a two-bedroom apartment and some f*cking Internet and maybe one couch and I’m straight,” “F*ck this mansion. F*ck these cars. I would jump back in a Cutlass tomorrow, man. I don’t care about this materialistic sh*t. You can’t fit none of this in a casket.”

The only problem is that this guy doing this talking is actually known to really spend and spend hard on “materialistic” stuff; such as $200K on a black leather-wrapped Ferrari.

Now, am not being judgmental but maybe, just maybe there needs to be a little more connect between what we say and what we do. Okay, chuck what I say, read the interview by following the link.


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