Review:MGK’s Lace Up

Machine Gun Kelly’s debut album Lace Up has quite a few things going for it. First, it’s a straight from heart album from a guy who proclaims “We too grounded to be Hollywood, man” and we feel like believing him.

The music and lyrics have a level of maturity that leave you feeling good when you are reminded that this is his debut effort. You know this is an artist still trying to find his groove and when he does manage to do so, albeit intermittently, it sounds good.

With Drumma Boy on the synth and help from Wacka Flocka, MGK presents an effort that veers to presenting his psyche to us but fall short because of commercial considerations that have to be kept in mind, for example in the numbers Invincible and All We Have.

Rick Slick

Rick Slick

Rick Slick

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