Lil Wayne’s “Gone Till November” Book Cover Unveiled, Release Date Announced


Lil Wayne has finally announced the release date of his memoirs; written during the time he spent in Rikes Island prison back in 2010.

The book, titled ‘Gone Till November”, will be available from May 14th next year. It was scheduled for an earlier release but the date for some reason has been pushed back. Grand Central Publishing are distributing the memoirs and in fact the book is available for pre-order via Amazon even as you read this.

On my part, my impression of a memoir is that it is a collection of experiences over a slightly longer duration of time than eight months, but I guess eight months in prison is a long time. And if there’s money to be made of it then why not.

Right now Weezy is working on his upcoming album ‘I Am Not A Human Being II,’ that has been given a due date of December 11th.


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