Write On Hip Hop Culture With Us, Be Seen ‘n Get Heard

If you are passionate about hiphop culture and would love to write about it, then Hip Hop Press offers you an excellent platform to share your thoughts and information with the whole world.

Make your love for hip hop and knowledge on all things related to urban culture work for you and we mean work big time…we are giving you a platform to reach more than 100K readers, earn VIP invites to events, be the first to listen to mixtapes and CDs, flaunt the latest in hiphop fashion, and a lot more to make it fun for you while enabling you to build up a portfolio of solid achievements.

Hip Hop Press is looking for people to join the team and contribute on music, videos, fashion, events, celebs, and all things hiphop.

So, if you’ve got a way with words [proper error-free writing skills] and can come up with original copy [no plagiarism] then you are welcome to hop aboard.

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