Avery Storm Tells You What’s Cool About “On The Line” EP That Drops Tomorrow

Avery Storm is known for his “different sound” and alley oop hooks that rappers across the board approach him for. His new EP, “On the Line” drops tomorrow and he’s out exhorting folks to purchase it.

His reason number one is that this content is different, something that never been tried before [ don’t they all say that?] but then since this is Avery we can at the very least assume that there will be a lot of freshness in what he brings to the table.

Second, the guy’s sure that the listener will empathize with the music. Third, this music is just him and he’s not out there trying to sound like something that he’s not.

Avery calls it blue collar soul and puts it plainly that he needs you to buy his music. It’s not a long wait now, lets see what the word is about this album, this should be interesting.


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