Turk, Ex Hot Boy, Walks Free After Nine Years in Prison

Back in 2004, Turk had everything going for him. he was one of the original members of the Cash Money Records’ super group, the Hot Boys. And then the shootout with members of the Memphis, Tennessee S.W.A.T. Team happened. Two policemen were injured and Turk went to jail for nine years on charges of weapons violations.

Turk is a free man now, he was released on October 12th from the Forrest City, Arkansas Federal Prison. Apparently, Turk has a lot of material on hand waiting to be put to music. He also has plans to tell the world his side of the story, in an autobiographical work titled “The AutoThugography”. And then there is the screenplay about his life, “Reckless”.

It will be interesting to see how Turk creates space for himself now that he’s outside and how his old pals Lil Wayne and company reach out to him. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on any developments on this front.


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