Video: Roc Marciano’s “Poltergeist” But Not On “Reloaded”, Album Drops Nov. 13th

Roc Marciano has released the official video of the track “Poltergeist”; however the track has nothing to do with his to-be-released album “Reloaded” which is set for a November 13th release; the album is a follow-up act to his 2010 solo debut Marcberg.

Check out the video directed by Roc himself and produced by Arch Druids. Reloaded releases on Decon Records.

Reloaded Tracklist –

1. Tek To A Mack [Produced by Roc Marciano]

2. Flash Gordon [Produced by Alchemist]

3. Not Told feat. Knowledge Pirate and Ka [Produced by Roc Marciano]

4. Pistolier [Produced by Alchemist]

5. Thugs Prayer Pt. 2 [Produced by Roc Marciano]

6. 76  [Produced by Roc Marciano]

7. We Ill [Produced by Roc Marciano]

8. Deeper [Produced by Roc Marciano]

9. Death Parade [Produced by Roc Marciano]

10. 20 Guns [Produced by Roc Marciano]

11. Peru [Produced by Roc Marciano]

12. Thread Count [Produced Q-Tip]

13. Nine Spray feat. Ka [Produced by Ray West]

14.Emeralds [Produced The Arch Druids]

15. The Man [Produced by Roc Marciano]

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