French Montana Offers His 2 Cents on 50 Cents and His Beefs

Rapper French Montana recently gave insight on what he thinks has hurt 50 Cents’ career the most and according to the “Stay Schemin” rapper it is the various beefs and feuds that fif has carried out with fellow rappers.

French said that this aspect of his personality has helped other groups and labels get ahead of fif; he gave the example of Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group.

At the same time, he was at pains to point out that the incidents between Pusha T and Lil Wayne were more like tiffs and less like a beef.

“For some people it’s competition for them. It’s good for hip-hop…Yeah. Pusha T and Lil Wayne’s [beef] ain’t nothing serious,” “If Wayne feels like [it’s real beef] then you know Baby would have got involved. Things like that, it’s good for hip-hop. If nobody got shot, it ain’t beef.”


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