Tech N9ne Promises a Darker “Boiling Point”; Releases October 30th

Tech N9ne has it good these days; he’s had an album release in September – Evil Brain Angel Heart E.B.A.H – and has been included in Billboard’s Power 30 List, a cool accomplishment for an independent artist and a thumbs up for Strange Music. This is how he reacted to the honor “It’s a beautiful thing because we’re independent and we use our own money, me and Travis O’Guin,” he said. “To see all our work and all our dreams come to fruition – it’s a beautiful thing to look and see Jay-Z, Tech N9ne, and then Rick Ross and Russell Simmons [on the same list]. That means I’m doing something good and right.”

Tecca Nina has promised something special for his fans and in all likelihood we will get an EP “Boiling Point” from this talented impresario around Halloween, October 30th has been set as the tentative date. Tecca said “It’s like this…[my next project is] gonna be like another EP,” “It’s gonna be darker, and it’s probably gonna be on Halloween – I don’t know.”


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